I help develop the leaders of today, that will help the generation of tomorrow.

Let’s advance your cybersecurity career.

You deserve to be happy, challenged, and fulfilled in every stage of your career.

What if progressing to your next role didn't have to feel so overwhelming, uncertain, and disappointing?

What are you missing out on by waiting to make that decision to growth into your future self? Certainty, Significance, Contribution or even Variety to do more…

You know you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to reach that next level...but your efforts just aren't working.
It's not because something is wrong with you, it's because there is something wrong with your strategy.

I focus on high level individual performers, managers and directors focused on the next stage of their careers!

Good news: You've found the right person to help you fix that.

Hi! I'm Christophe Foulon.

I strive to shine the light on the value of others so that they can see it in themselves.

You can call me Chris, if you'd like. Throughout my 15+ years in cybersecurity, hundreds of people like you have trusted me to help them advance their career.

Check out my book Developing your Cybersecurity Career Path

Contributed to Understand, Manage, and Measure Cyber Risk

What is inaction in not moving forward costing you in your career, family or the contribution you can provide for others?

- You don't have to be confused by all your options.
- You don't have to question the right steps to take.
- You don't have to receive endless rejections.

And you don't have to do it alone.

Whether you are looking for quick help to prepare you for a job interview or your job hunt; or you are looking long to help guide you along with your career

Take it from them:

"...If you want to get real insight, from real experience in our field, Chris is the go-to person."
Alex B, Canada

"...Christophe is unique in cybersecurity...and a sheer pleasure to work with."
Chris K, Holland

"...Within the first few minutes of speaking with Chris, you realize how genuine he is when it comes to helping others and advocating for cybersecurity..."
Rafael N, USA

“I have been in the process of a career change and met some stumbling blocks. Christophe really helped me sort out some tangible goals and actions I can take to move past what was keeping stuck as well as helped me with some introspection on things I was having trouble articulating previously. ”
Jessica B, USA

Fireside Chat on Cybersecurity Careers

If you had questions about Breaking into Cybersecurity or Advancing your Cybersecurity Career,

this a preview of my coaching approach.


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